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Coat of Arms of William George Gooderham

Granted to William George Gooderham of Alverthorpe in Rosedale in the city of Toronto and dominion of Canada on 9 August 1912. The grant is recorded at the College of Arms in the UK: reference Grants 81/245.

The coat of arms was granted for the use of the grantee and his descendants, and for that of the other descendants of his father, all according to the laws of arms. This is called an ‘extended limitation’, i.e. extended back by (in this case) one generation. That means male-line descendants – men and women, but male-line only (except in those circumstances when a coat of arms can pass in the female line as a quartering).

The coat of arms appears as follows: Helm (symbol of an esquire and gentleman): Black,topped with a black ridge from front to back emblazoned with 3 pairs of white stripes
Motto Scroll: Toujours En Avant (meaning "forever forward")
Arms: Two masted ship (symbolizing a remarkable expedition by sea) with 5 oars and 4 red flags surmounted by three wheat sheafs (symbol of a miller) on a blue (signifying truth and loyalty) background
Crest: A black raven (symbol of knowledge and divine providence) with wings spread standing atop a wheat sheaf lying horizontally on top of the helm
Mantling: a series of four leaves on either side (Ivy leaves symbolize strong and lasting friendship), alternating black and white, cascading down from the top of the helm to the midpoint of the arms.
Supporter: none
Compartment: none

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