Scole, Norfolk, England



Latitude: 52.3658760, Longitude: 1.1564970


Scole Inn Postcard
Scole Inn Postcard
Post Card showing the Scole Inn.
Graveyard and church in Scole.
Graveyard and church in Scole.
Graveyard and church in Scole. Inscribed... Scole Church showing relatives graves. Possibly Ezekiel made this notation?
Building in Scole near James and Sarah Gooderham's homestead
Building in Scole near James and Sarah Gooderham's homestead
Homestead near Scole England
Homestead near Scole England
View of homestead in Scole England. Inscribed: Side ___ of the homestead. Author indicates on one of the four images " where father was born ". Possibly written by Ezekiel or son George?
Scole Homestead, view of farm and buildings.
Scole Homestead, view of farm and buildings.
Scole Homestead, view of farm and buildings. Inscribed: End view of the homestead. Author indicates that these photos are where father was born. Ezekiel or son George?

Family Stories
1802 <strong>William Gooderham’s Early Years in England</strong>
1802 William Gooderham’s Early Years in England
William's youth until emigrating from England. Describes his army career with the Royal York Rangers including his work as a remittance man, apparently the source of his wealth.
1831 <strong>The Adventure Begins</strong>
1831 The Adventure Begins
By Douglas Worts
The motivating origins for the move to Canada and the family partnership.


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Rodwell, Sarah  1766Scole, Norfolk, England I11
2 Gooderham, William jr.  24 Apr 1824Scole, Norfolk, England I26
3 Gooderham, William  29 Aug, 1790Scole, Norfolk, England I13
4 Gooderham, William  1752Scole, Norfolk, England I7
5 Gooderham, Thomas Edward  17 Apr 1800Scole, Norfolk, England I18
6 Gooderham, Sarah  1760Scole, Norfolk, England I10
7 Gooderham, Mildred  Abt 1828Scole, Norfolk, England I28
8 Gooderham, Mariam  Abt 1820Scole, Norfolk, England I25
9 Gooderham, Louisa  13 Feb 1822Scole, Norfolk, England I24
10 Gooderham, John  11 Aug 1798Scole, Norfolk, England I17
11 Gooderham, John  Abt 1749Scole, Norfolk, England I6
12 Gooderham, John  Abt 1712Scole, Norfolk, England I1
13 Gooderham, James  29 Dec 1825Scole, Norfolk, England I27
14 Gooderham, James  22 Dec, 1788Scole, Norfolk, England I12
15 Gooderham, James  4 Sep 1757Scole, Norfolk, England I8
16 Gooderham, Horace  22 Feb 1802Scole, Norfolk, England I19
17 Gooderham, George  14 Mar 1830Scole, Norfolk, England I39
18 Gooderham, George  18 Nov 1824Scole, Norfolk, England I66
19 Gooderham, Ezekiel  30 Oct 1794Scole, Norfolk, England I15
20 Gooderham, Elizabeth  20 Aug, 1796Scole, Norfolk, England I16
21 Gooderham, Edward  17 Feb 1832Scole, Norfolk, England I30
22 Gooderham, Charles  1759Scole, Norfolk, England I9
23 Debenham, Thomas  27 Mar 1796Scole, Norfolk, England I917
24 Debenham, Sarah  10 Mar 1790Scole, Norfolk, England I914
25 Debenham, Robert  1798Scole, Norfolk, England I918
26 Debenham, Mary  13 Mar 1794Scole, Norfolk, England I916
27 Debenham, James  27 Mar 1792Scole, Norfolk, England I915
28 Debenham, Henry  11 Jul 1801Scole, Norfolk, England I919
29 Debenham, Elizabeth  1788Scole, Norfolk, England I913
30 Debenham, Edward  1760Scole, Norfolk, England I912
31 Cobb, Elizabeth  Abt 1718Scole, Norfolk, England I2


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Rodwell, Sarah  15 Nov 1766Scole, Norfolk, England I11
2 Gooderham, William  11 Feb 1752Scole, Norfolk, England I7
3 Gooderham, Joel  26 Jan 1793Scole, Norfolk, England I14
4 Gooderham, James  17 Feb 1789Scole, Norfolk, England I12
5 Gooderham, James  4 Dec 1757Scole, Norfolk, England I8
6 Gooderham, Horace  14 Mar 1802Scole, Norfolk, England I19
7 Gooderham, Ezekiel  2 Dec 1794Scole, Norfolk, England I15
8 Debenham, James  7 Apr 1792Scole, Norfolk, England I915
9 Debenham, Edward  14 Dec 1760Scole, Norfolk, England I912


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Gooderham, William  Apr 1759Scole, Norfolk, England I7
2 Gooderham, Sarah  Feb 1852Scole, Norfolk, England I10
3 Gooderham, John  9 Sep 1798Scole, Norfolk, England I17
4 Gooderham, John  Mar 1788Scole, Norfolk, England I6
5 Gooderham, John  17 Apr 1787Scole, Norfolk, England I1
6 Gooderham, James  20 Apr 1820Scole, Norfolk, England I8
7 Gooderham, Elizabeth  Nov 1775Scole, Norfolk, England I3
8 Gooderham, Charles  Aug 1760Scole, Norfolk, England I9
9 Debenham, James  28 Nov 1844Scole, Norfolk, England I915
10 Debenham, Edward  7 Apr 1834Scole, Norfolk, England I912
11 Cobb, Elizabeth  10 Oct 1798Scole, Norfolk, England I2


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Worts / Gooderham  1 Jul, 1817Scole, Norfolk, England F3
2 Gooderham / Tovell Herring   c.1820/1825Scole, Norfolk, England F5
3 Gooderham / Rodwell  20 Nov, 1787Scole, Norfolk, England F2
4 Gooderham / Cobb  Abt 1740Scole, Norfolk, England F1
5 Debenham / Gooderham  19 Apr 1787Scole, Norfolk, England F295
6 / Gooderham  17 May 1785Scole, Norfolk, England F126