Los Angeles, CA, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Biles, Robert Eugene  24 Feb 1914Los Angeles, CA, USA I1733
2 Naregan, Robert C.  11 Dec 1915Los Angeles, CA, USA I1719
3 Smith, William Allen  28 Apr 1917Los Angeles, CA, USA I1714


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Asbury, Lenora  13 Jul 1962Los Angeles, CA, USA I1489
2 Banks, Addison Lawrence  30 Nov 1949Los Angeles, CA, USA I1485
3 Banks, Carol  11 May 1993Los Angeles, CA, USA I1725
4 Biles, Robert Eugene  19 May 1May 1974Los Angeles, CA, USA I1733
5 Brown, Willard Gerard  17 Feb 1932Los Angeles, CA, USA I1516
6 Dingman, Linda May (Maggie)  1 Sep 1923Los Angeles, CA, USA I1483
7 Gleason, Bessie Lydia  21 Feb 1971Los Angeles, CA, USA I1493
8 Merwin, Frank Towne  20 Apr 1946Los Angeles, CA, USA I1723
9 Naregan, Joseph Earl  29 Nov 1947Los Angeles, CA, USA I1709
10 Penrose, Thomas Emlen  11 Jan 1947Los Angeles, CA, USA I1578
11 Sherk, Jessie  1 Jun 1951Los Angeles, CA, USA I1574
12 Sherk, Laura  11 Apr 1951Los Angeles, CA, USA I1572
13 Sherk, Louie Florence  20 Feb 1960Los Angeles, CA, USA I1577
14 Smith, Charles Ingram  8 Mar 1956Los Angeles, CA, USA I1701
15 Smith, Francis Edwin  1 Mar 1962Los Angeles, CA, USA I1479
16 Smith, Nina Grace  16 Apr 1968Los Angeles, CA, USA I1476
17 Smyth, Maria  19 Mar 1912Los Angeles, CA, USA I1285
18 Sorenson, Andrew Christian  26 Apr 1979Los Angeles, CA, USA I1697
19 Stillwell, Carl W.  9 May 1959Los Angeles, CA, USA I1705
20 Stillwell, Charles Henry  31 Mar 1944Los Angeles, CA, USA I1482
21 Stillwell, Charles M.  10 Feb 1972Los Angeles, CA, USA I1707
22 Stillwell, Floy  30 Nov 1951Los Angeles, CA, USA I1700
23 Stillwell, Frank Alfred  3 Jan 1950Los Angeles, CA, USA I1488
24 Stillwell, Fredrick Thomas  17 Jan 1956Los Angeles, CA, USA I1702
25 Stillwell, George Wesley  1936Los Angeles, CA, USA I1492
26 Stillwell, James Arthur  1919Los Angeles, CA, USA I1573
27 Stillwell, John Edward II  27 Dec 1928Los Angeles, CA, USA I1731
28 Stillwell, John Edward  2 Mar 1938Los Angeles, CA, USA I1486
29 Stillwell, Mary Louise  13 Feb 1979Los Angeles, CA, USA I1730
30 Stillwell, Willliam James  20 Apr 1939Los Angeles, CA, USA I1480
31 Taylor, Ada Florence  12 Sep 1954Los Angeles, CA, USA I1487
32 Williams, Emma Sarah  22 Jul 1954Los Angeles, CA, USA I1553


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Smith / Stillwell  27 Mar 1913Los Angeles, CA, USA F581
2 Sorenson / Smith  27 Jun 1942Los Angeles, CA, USA F578
3 Sullivan / Naregan  29 Nov 1924Los Angeles, CA, USA F584